Social Studies » Unit 06: Noticing the World as a Citizen (6 Weeks)

Unit 06: Noticing the World as a Citizen

Recommended Timeline:

25 days

Unit Descriptor:

This unit bundles concepts related to how decisions are made within a community and the role they play as citizens in their communities.

Prior to This Unit
During Unit 01, students explored what it means to be a citizen through some of the state and national symbols.

During This Unit
Unit 06 continues to develop student understanding of what it means to be a citizen, exploring why these symbols are important to members of a national and state community. While students begin to identify themselves as members of a bigger community, they also begin to understand how voting can be a peaceful way to make decisions. They begin to see how members of a community make decisions for what is best for the entire group, not just a few, through voting to make class decisions.

After This Unit
In subsequent years, as students move through the early elementary grades (Kindergarten through Grade 3), continued study over the role of citizens in the community will be continuously developed. Students expand on concepts of geography, culture, economics, and the role of citizens within the community.

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