Social Studies » Unit 04: Noticing the World Around Me (9 Weeks)

Unit 04: Noticing the World Around Me

Recommended Timeline:

20 days

Unit Descriptor:

This unit bundle addresses how geography can impact students’ lives. Students are introduced to maps and how they are used. Basic geographic concepts about the landscape and animals are covered, as well as common features of their communities.

Prior to This Unit Prior to this unit, students studied the role of individuals in their school, families, and the larger community.

During This Unit
Unit 04 explores student outcomes that develop geography skills. Prekindergarten students begin to think about the location and direction of places and objects in relation to the space around them. Thinking in these terms can help students locate important places in their community, such as home and school. In addition to exploring their community and the space around them, students become aware of landform features around them, such as mountains, deserts, oceans, rivers, streams, roads, and lakes. Students begin to notice and describe the location of objects in the school and classroom.

After This Unit
In the next unit, students continue to explore the economic system of their community.

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