Science » Unit 05: Weather and Seasons (6 Weeks)

Unit 05: Weather and Seasons

Recommended Timeline:

25 days

Unit Descriptor:

In this unit, students will learn the natural world includes weather and seasons. Students conduct investigations to observe and record the weather’s daily changes and determine how weather impacts decisions made in our daily lives. Students make correlations between the changing temperatures, changing weather conditions, and the changing seasons. Additionally, students study the impact that the changing seasons have on other organisms.

According to Research
Students should be actively involved in exploring phenomena that interest them both in and out of class. These investigations should be fun and exciting, opening the door to even more things to explore. An important part of students' exploration is telling others what they see, what they think, and what it makes them wonder about. Children should have lots of time to talk about what they observe and to compare their observations with those of others. A premium should be placed on careful expression, a necessity in science, but students at this level should not be expected to come up with scientifically accurate explanations for their observations. Theory can wait.

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