Math » Unit 01: Counting and Number Recognition (6 Weeks)

Unit 01: Counting and Number Recognition

Recommended Timeline:

15 days

Unit Descriptor:

This unit focuses on developing the foundational counting skills by counting in a variety of ways, counting objects while using one-to-one correspondence, and using verbal ordinal numbers to describe position and explore objects that are the same and different. All of the Prekindergarten Guidelines in this unit of counting and cardinality are essential components of number sense and a precursor to place value. Building a strong foundation with concrete activities is crucial for long-term understanding. Rules and routines are established for using math manipulatives and real-world objects as students explore the concept of counting.

During this unit, the student places objects in a row to be counted, recites number words in order up to 5, demonstrates and understands counting sequence, counts objects in different orders, and uses ordinal numbers to describe order.

After this unit, the student continues with counting and begins subitizing, using the words “equal,” “more,” “less,” or “fewer” to describe sets of up to 5 objects. Additionally, students say the number name for numerals from 0 to 9.

According to Van de Walle (2013), “Meaning counting activities begin when children are 3 and 4 years of age, but by the end of kindergarten children should be able to count to 100. The counting process cannot be forced, so for children to have an understanding of counting, they must construct this idea. Only the counting sequence of number words is a rote procedure.”

Van de Walle, J., Karp, K., & Bay-Williams, J. (2013). Elementary and middle school mathematics: Teaching developmentally. Boston, MA: Pearson Education, Inc.

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