ELAR » Unit 04: Learning About My World Through Literary Text (9 Weeks)

Unit 04: Learning About My World Through Literary Text

Recommended Timeline:

20 days

Unit Descriptor:

This unit bundles student outcomes that provide experiences with fictional literature. Students continue to make connections between listening, speaking, reading, and writing as they begin to think about elements of stories read, such as characters, setting, problem and solution. Students begin to make predictions, ask questions and make connections, sequence events, and consider alternate endings to stories read aloud. Vocabulary continues to develop through exposure to a variety of fictional stories, including fairy tales, realistic fiction, fantasy, and fables.

Students explore patterns in phonological awareness, phonics, and print awareness through blending onset and rime and blending phonemes. They continue to make new letter/sound associations and make connections to writing and the writing process. Students continue to compose a variety of texts, to include lists, stories, letters to friends, and writing words found in the classroom.

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