Math » Unit 04: Solving Problems, Understanding Time, and Gathering Data (9 Weeks)

Unit 04: Solving Problems, Understanding Time, and Gathering Data

Recommended Timeline:

20 days

Unit Descriptor:

This unit focuses on several different skills and concepts including counting, modeling subtraction, passing of time, and sorting. Although the skills and concepts have a different focus, all can be used in conjunction with one another. This idea will encourage deeper understanding of how concepts work together.

Prior to this unit, students used one-to-one correspondence to count objects. They used their counting skills to begin subtracting. Students sorted objects based on similarities and differences. They began using location words to tell where something or someone is located.

During this unit, students count objects, use words to rote count and recognize order. Students use models to represent subtraction from 0 – 5. Using language, students continue to describe the passing of time. Students also sort objects into similar and different groups.

After this unit, students determine length, height, and capacity using real-world objects. Students continue sorting objects into similar and different groups. They also identify and create patterns using a variety of objects.

As students begin to explore the collection and recording of data, research supports the idea of introducing a variety of ways to record data. Van de Walle states that, “Students should be involved in deciding how they want to represent their data. However, for students lacking experience with the various methods of picturing data, you will need to introduce options.”

Van de Walle, J., Karp, K., & Bay-Williams, J. (2013). Elementary and middle school mathematics: Teaching developmentally. Boston, MA: Pearson Education, Inc.

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