Social Studies » Unit 05: Noticing My World as a Consumer (9 Weeks)

Unit 05: Noticing My World as a Consumer

Recommended Timeline:

20 days

Unit Descriptor:

This unit bundles outcomes focused on basic economic concepts of needs and wants and how people play a role in the economy of a community, through the buying and selling of goods and services.

Prior to This Unit
In Unit 02, the students learned about the world around them, including the community workers who provide goods and services.

During This Unit
Unit 05 explores student outcomes that continue to develop student understandings about the economic system of their community. Students begin to understand the difference between needs and wants and how the purchase of goods and services is an important part of a community. As students explore the many different kinds of jobs in their community, the students begin to make connections to the importance of education for each type of job.

After This Unit
In the final unit, students explore the role and responsibilities of being a citizen within a community.

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