Science » Unit 01: Properties of Matter (9 Weeks)

Unit 01: Properties of Matter

Recommended Timeline:

25 days

Unit Descriptor:

This unit offers opportunities for students to observe, describe, investigate, and discuss various properties of matter using their senses. Students use their senses to determine properties such as color, texture, and size. Additionally, students use simple scientific tools to classify an object based on its ability to attract a magnetic, sink or float, and mass. Through the natural curiosity of young children, they investigate properties of matter to investigate questions about the world around them.

According to Research
Science is a way of knowing about the world. Just as a student alludes to the notion that the use of science will help her understand something more or better about an acorn held tightly in her hand, people have come to depend on science as a way to help explain the world around them. In this sense, science can help one understand what the acorn is—what it is made of, why it exists—as well as provide the frameworks, standards, and methods within which to evaluate and create new knowledge.

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