Science » Unit 06: Objects in the Sky (6 Weeks)

Unit 06: Objects in the Sky

Recommended Timeline:

25 days

Unit Descriptor:

During this unit, students observe, identify, and discuss objects in the sky such as characteristics of the sun and moon and clouds. The student observes objects in the sky to find the relationships and patterns that exist among them. Students are asked to make comparisons between the day and night sky. Safety precautions will be used while conducting observations of the daytime sky. Students should never be allowed to look directly at the sun without proper safety equipment.

According to Research
“During these years, learning about objects in the sky should be entirely observational and qualitative, for the children are far from ready to understand the magnitudes involved or to make sense out of explanations. The priority is to get the students noticing and describing what the sky looks like to them at different times. They should, for example, observe how the moon appears to change its shape. But it is too soon to name all the moon's phases and much too soon to explain them.”

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