ELAR » Unit 03: Speaking, Listening, and Writing to Share Ideas (9 Weeks)

Unit 03: Speaking, Listening, and Writing to Share Ideas

Recommended Timeline:

20 days

Unit Descriptor:

This unit bundles student outcomes that address emergent reading, writing, and alphabetic knowledge skills. Students continue exploring rhyming and compound words and begin to identify syllables in words by clapping out each part. Students begin identifying two letters a week and recognize and name capitals and lowercase of each new letter learned. As students become more print aware, they will make connections to letters learned by finding them within the text.

Students will be expected to show concepts of print that include identifying parts of a book, tracking left to right, and features of text, such as differentiating between a letter/number, punctuation mark, and words. Students will also be expected to continue to grow in speaking, listening, and writing skills.

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