ELAR » Unit 01: Learning to Communicate at School (6 Weeks)

Unit 01: Learning to Communicate at School

Recommended Timeline:

25 days

Unit Descriptor:

For most prekindergarten students, this is the first experience in a formal classroom setting. During this transitional time, students need support and guidance to appropriately communicate needs, receive information, and make connections in the literary world. This unit bundles student end of year outcomes that support students in order to communicate effectively with peers and adults, make connections between listening, speaking, reading, and writing as well as understanding that both printed and spoken words can have a variety of purposes.

During this unit, students converse with others to practice speaking appropriately in a variety of situations. This includes taking turns listening and speaking, role playing, and problem solving. Print is explored in a variety of ways to support young learners to better understand how spoken words can be written and that reading is more than looking at pictures. Print takes on new meaning as students learn to identify their names and the names of classmates. Phonological awareness skills are introduced to support emergent literacy skills.

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